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  • Metallographic laboratory

We have our own metallographic laboratory where we perform destructive and non-destructive metallographic tests. Our laboratory is equipped with modern research measuring instruments that allow us to perform material tests on samples and directly on the customer's products.

Non-destructive testing

  • Hardness measurements - are performed with a portable device on a specially prepared surface. The measurements can be performed on metallurgical products and semi-finished products, as well as on machine and equipment parts to assess the quality of heat treatment, the condition of the material or the correctness of the technological process performed.
  • Penetration tests - enable the detection of irregularities, cracks and microcracks in the material. The tested object can be made of ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic or non-metallic material. This test can also be used to check the tightness of the material.

Destructive test

  • Macroscopic inspection - consists of visual inspection of an etched or unetched sample with the naked eye or with multiple magnification (max. 30x) to detect irregularities in the cross-section of the weld, i.e. - lack of weld penetration, cracks, binding defects, pores.
  • Microhardness measurements - are performed with a stationary hardness tester designed for measurements according to the Vickers method (this method uses an indenter consisting of a regular diamond pyramid with sidewalls at an angle of 136 degrees) Measurements are performed on specially prepared samples.
  • Testing of weld hardness distributions
  • Determination of the depth of the hardened layers

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