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  • Laser technologies

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We know how to create technology

The LaserTec team specialises in research, development and implementation of laser technologies in industrial processes. Innovative laser technologies: welding, hardening, cladding, laser welding and 3D cutting allow to optimise the production process and create non-standard and repeatable solutions in the production or regeneration processes.

Top quality of products and services provided by us is guaranteed by the use of innovative tools and technological capabilities as well as automated and integrated production systems. In the modern industry, this allows to reach high precision and reduce the production time.

The Laser Technology Centre of LaserTec S.A. has fully-fitted technical facilities, allowing to conduct research and development works in the area of laser technologies, selection of process technologies and parameters adjusted to the customers' needs as well as provision of services within the company's business profile. We provide services in the scope of laser processing of metal elements (also in combination with plastics), both in macro and micro scale.

We have our own metallography laboratory and cooperate with many prestigious scientific and technical institutions. Combination of the laser beam testing equipment and R&D facilities with the knowledge and competences of our engineering staff, we detect problems, potential and opportunities in the contemporary industry and develop "tailored" technological solutions for our customers and business partners.

Thanks to high qualifications, experience and continuous development of our engineers and specialists, we are able to provide competitive quality of performed works, transparent cooperation conditions as well as effective methods of automation, robotisation and broadly understood laser technologies.

Our technical and technological capabilities are evolving and improving every day. The advantages of laser technologies implemented in the industrial processes are undeniable and bring measurable benefits for the enterprises. This is proven by our implementations, backed up with multiple references.