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an integrator of high-power lasers

We are a team of leading European manufacturers of integrated workstations for laser processes. Within the scope of our activity, we use innovative laser technologies for industry: welding, hardening, cladding and 3D cutting as well as hybrid welding.

We specialize in the selection of technology and process parameters, the performance of technological tests for customers, the design and production of workstations and the integration of laser systems.

We also offer hardening, cladding and welding of machine parts and equipment using laser technology and develop solutions for automation, mechanization and robotization of production processes. The LaserTec S.A. Laser Technology Center specializes in services in the field of laser processing of metal elements, including steel, copper, aluminum, brass and other metal alloys, as well as plastics.


a team of specialists equipped with the latest technology

The LaserTec S.A. Laser Technology Center is a unique company that uses innovative techniques for laser processes. Based on the latest laser technologies, we offer customized solutions for the industry.

LaserTec's modern machine park includes robotic laser stations with positioners and rails, equipped with:

  • High power lasers,
  • Laser welding heads including remote laser welding head,
  • Hybrid welding heads,
  • Sensors for monitoring connections,
  • Laser hardening heads with temperature regulation,
  • Cladding welding heads,
  • Precision powder dosing units,
  • Cutting heads.

A key feature of LaserTec is its human capital - a team of specialists with extensive knowledge, rich experience and advanced skills. The LaserTec Technology Center staff consists of engineers with qualifications in welding, metallurgy and engineering, heat treatment, automation and robotics.


Many years of our experience in laser welding of lithium-ion cells was used to develop and manufacture our own energy storage and management systems - the LT PowerBox.

In 2021, the first LT PowerBox energy storage systems were produced - solutions for the industry and households.

Get to know our energy storage systems and find out how much you can benefit from them!