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  • Laser welding

    The use of modern equipment and high technology makes new quality of metal joining and processing with laser welding possible to achieve. Laser welding offers almost unlimited possibilities for many industries.

  • Laser hardening

    Laser hardening of metals minimizes distortion of the material, requires no cooling medium and guarantees a hard surface layer with a soft core.

  • Laser welding of lithium-ion cells

    We use our proprietary laser welding technology for temperature-sensitive cylindrical and prismatic lithium-ion battery cells to precisely and safely join battery cells into modules, even while fully charged.

  • 3D laser cutting

    3D laser cutting is an extremely precise process for cutting out spatial shapes and processing large-area elements. Our services are performed in materials such as stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, carbon fiber, aluminum or black steel. Thanks to a narrow kerf, it characterizes itself by an economical use of the material on which the laser works.

  • Laser cladding

    Laser cladding makes it possible to renew worn parts as well as increase their service life. In this process, we fuse powder or wire materials with a laser beam under a gas shield and simultaneously melt the metal of the substrate.

  • Hybrid welding

    Hybrid welding combines all the advantages of laser welding and the GMA method. The advanced joining technology guarantees a significantly longer service life of the connection and the possibility of reducing the number of welding seams required for a connection.

  • FullSet energy storage systems

    We have developed the FullSet - a modern and extremely efficient energy storage system for the industry and households. We are also a manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles.


By using our services, you choose to cooperate with a company that has a firm place in the market of cutting-edge technology. We carry out orders for laser welding, hardening, cladding and 3D cutting of metal parts.

At LaserTec, we have developed a technology for joining lithium-ion cells and welding batteries. Our innovative production solutions also include the technology for setting up robotized workstations for laser processes.


We have developed the LT PowerBox - a modern and extremely efficient energy storage system for the industry and households. We are also a manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles.

We specialize in the research, development and implementation of state-of-the-art technological solutions for industrial processes.

The innovative use of our laser welding, laser hardening, laser cladding and 3D cutting technologies optimizes the production process and enables customized and reproducible solutions in manufacturing or refurbishment processes.

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